About Me

  • ​I am 28 years old and I have a Professional Bachelors Degree in Global Nutrition and Health from Metropol University in Copenhagen (2014-2018)​

  • Over 10 years ago I started teaching fitness classes and personal training

  • In 2013 I became a certified Aerobic Instructor and certified Fitness Instructor

  • I have taught yoga for 4 years and have completed several 1-1 personal yoga training programs with my yoga teacher Joe Tuplin in Costa Rica

  • I started 1-1 coaching sessions with clients several years ago and I've now expanded to online programs as well

I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT EMPOWERING YOU TO CREATE YOUR       ---------------------- DREAM LIFE-----------------------

I'm here to inspire and support you on your journey of personal growth. I want you to live a life aligned with your authentic and deepest values. Let me help you create a life of meaning and purpose so you live with as much happiness, fulfillment, freedom, health and joy as possible. I believe in you, and I know you can achieve as much in your life as you desire with the right guidance, tools, inspiration and knowledge to create the best mindset for your success.


I am on a life long journey to become my best self - to be aligned with my deepest values - to live with as much health, happiness, freedom, peace, passion, and love as I can.

Every day I can honestly say that I live with intention and purpose from my heart.

Every day I make sure I feel that I am enough and I am loved - while at the same time setting goals and constantly growing and evolving to reach them while enjoying the process.

I have struggled, failed, succeeded, achieved, learned, grown….. I know what it's like to go through big changes, struggles, etc. and I know what it takes to start creating the journey to build a sustainable way to live that you enjoy, while still stepping out of that comfort zone and challenging yourself in order to reach more goals.

I understand that life is not in the future but only exists here right now, in this moment, and that life will always be here, right now. Which is why it is essential to learn how to create your dream lifestyle and mindset with the right tools and habits to create good days every day that are fully aligned with your values, if you want to live a life with the most fulfillment. You won't find happiness at some end destination if you can't create it right now with what you have. It's possible to experience happiness during the process, anytime. The path that you create now and everyday is what makes up your whole life. Everyday is a practice, an opportunity to grow and become more of who you want to be - and in that process you can find joy, fulfillment, and peace of mind, already from the beginning. Fall in love with where you are, while still consciously creating your future exactly as you want it. Why wait?

I truly LIVE IT from my soul. Every day. And you can too.

Step by step.

Let's go.