10 Week Online Health Coaching Program


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Physical Health

We optimize nutrition, exercise, and sleep according to your specific needs and lifestyle. I can give you access to excellent tools to plan, measure, track and receive feedback on all areas of your physical health if needed.  

Energy and well-being

It is essential to have enough energy and to feel good in order to achieve any goals. Therefore it's a core focus area of the program to ensure you're motivation and enjoyment throughout the program. 
This is done through personal conversations and guided reflections, as well as exercises I create just for you.

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Cultivating the right mindset through personal growth is key to creating sustainable changes and a solid foundation for being your best self. 
Without changing your mind, your body and quality of life cannot change in the long run either. Together we unlock deep topics around for example: limiting beliefs, self-esteem, habit formation, obstacles in your way of success, your true values, the impact of your relationships, long-term life goals, happiness, fulfillment, and much more.



8 x one hour 1-1 coaching sessions (video or meeting)

Weekly check-in every week via voice message or phone call 

Personal coaching and support available anytime via phone call with me

Weekly practical exercises and efficient mindset tools made specifically for you

Access to very helpful apps and tracking tools within nutrition, exercise and training goals

Guidance, support, feedback and follow-up every week, making the appropriate adjustments 

Are you ready to take this meaningful step towards your goals to become healthier, happier & mentally stronger?


Whether you goal is a specific weight you want to reach, more self-confidence, gaining clarity about your future vision/purpose and which course to take in your life, or you want to go on an overall deep self-development journey to improve your mindset

- Then this is a great place to be

There are many options of 1-1 coaching where you meet once a week, and then you're left on your own until you meet again. And there's also many general programs out there - where the same is used for everyone and you're also left on your own.

Therefore it might not fit your exact needs and support you in the most beneficial way. And if you're also left on your own, things can easily get put off to the side. Knowledge alone isn't enough to reach your goal - it must be applied. The most beneficial actions for you must be taken.

The real and committed support from a coach/friend/mentor who is there for you throughout the whole process can give you just what you need in any moment to ensure that you get to your goal. That's why I created this unique program, so that I make sure you make it - with me right by your side!


About Coaching

For deep self-development and powerful changes in life, it's a huge advantage to have a coach who can empower and support you, share advice and give you helpful tools, listen and ask the right questions, hold you accountable, and much more. This is where the magic happens, and your life can really change in the way you want it to. Everyone is unique, and therefore each coaching program is specifically created according to your needs, yet with the same effective structure behind it.  I offer a free talk on the phone without any further commitments in order for us both to get to know each other and decide what the best next step is for you.

I am infinitely grateful for all the coaches and mentors I have had and still have that have helped me to where I am now, and I love giving back by helping others on their path.


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