Overview of my events and classes


1-1 Coaching Sessions

I also offer different packages of my coaching sessions. Read more in Danish about my coaching sessions and location HERE.

My Weekly Yoga Classes

I currently teach at Fysisk Form Amager

Read more about the location HERE

Tuesdays 19.00 - 20.30

Wednesdays 07.00 - 08.00

All levels of experience welcome. It is a soft and relaxing mix of hatha and vinyasa. Slow and meditative.

Contact me for your first free class to try it out.

Lecture at your school

I offer lectures at schools in Denmark on topics like mindset, mental health, physical health, relationships, tools for transformation, and much more. I make each talk specifically for your needs and interests. And yes, I can do it in Danish - it is my first language.


I also hold space for ceremonies of different kinds with my Soul Sisters Gry, Julie, and Rosabel. Some of the core elements include, but are not limited to: sisterhood, healing, bodily loving touch, kundalini, breathwork, unlocking your inner goddess warrior power, urkraft, cacao rituals, sauna gus, crystals, inscents, intuitive dance and movement, and much more.

We can create a unique ceremony for you and hold space for your next special occasion.


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