A Typical Week
during the 12 Week Health Coaching Program


What can I expect will be happening in a typical week?

- We meet for our coaching session (video is possible)

- I follow up in between sessions via phone call or voice messaging

- You use the tools I give you to move forward, and work on personalized reflections/journaling we have agreed on

- You track your new habits during the week 

Everything in the program will be created specifically for your needs in order to support your goal most optimally. Therefore it's important to note that one or more of the following easily can be incorporated into the program as a coaching session replacement:

- Personal training sessions

- Personal yoga class for your needs 

- Detailed diet plan based on your nutritional needs and preferences

- Cooking lessons with healthy food 

Coaching sessions can happen in the location of your choice.

This includes (but is not limited to):

- Fysisk Form (if you are a member)

- Walk and talk session outdoors

- Sitting outdoors or at a café

- At an office space if available

- Video


Choose the best option for you


1 x Coaching

599 kroner

First session is free (refunded) if you decide to buy the 12 week program afterwards.

3 x Coaching

1499 kroner


12 Week Health Coaching Program

- All Inclusive - 

4999 kroner